About Us


TaMaMa Dance Company (TDC) is a non-profit modern dance performance group based in Marquette, MI. TDC was founded in 2015 by Tara Middleton, Maggie Barch, and Marissa Marquardson with the goal to increase awareness of dance as an art form through innovative performance and dance education.

TDC provides opportunities for the community to happen upon dance by taking it off the stage and installing it into new and surprising places, making the art form more accessible. In addition to traditional theatre venues, they have been known to perform in art galleries, on a rock wall, or on the street corner. The unique constraints offered by these unusual venues are an important part of the creation process, allowing room for structured improvisations as well as choreography.

TDC often collaborates with other dancers and choreographers as well as artists in other fields (musicians, poets, sound engineers, costume designers, lighting designers, photographers, visual and multi-media artists) to create mixed medium works of art that inspire and stretch perceptions of what dance can be.

In their four years together, TDC has created numerous original pieces, some of which have been performed for Marquette’s Halloween Spectacle, Harvestfest, Bach Festival, the Marquette Arts and Culture Center’s Annual Art Awards and Art Week, the U.P. Art Prize Reception, Northern Michigan University Dance Concerts, the Blueberry Dance Festival, and The Nutcracker Ballet.

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